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Create Multi Signature Account

We will create a Multi-Signature account using a local Edgeware development network and perform a test transaction from the account. You will have to make sure you have a local development node running for this tutorial.

Once a development node is active, you're going to click on this link: In the top left drop-down menu you're then going navigate to and click on: 'development > Local Node > Switch' and then wait for 'initializing connection' to conclude.

Your screen should then look something like this:

From here, you will navigate and hover on the Accounts tab on the navigation bar at the top, and click on Accounts. Your screen should then look something like this:

Click on +Multisig.

You will now choose your signatures (i.e. your teammates accounts). In our scenario, we will choose **Alice, Bob, and Charlie **and we will be setting the threshold to 2. This means only 2/3 signatures will be needed to enact the on-chain transaction. You can set the threshold to be equal to or less than the number of signatories involved in the multisig. We will name this multisig our Team Funding account.

Now we will top-up 1,000,000 tEDG to the Team Funding multi-signature account from Alice. Thank you Alice!

Create Transfer from Multi-Signature Account

Now that the Team Funding account has been seeded, we can pay DAVE 200,000 tEDG for completion of a project. In our accounts list, hit Send from our Team Funding account

Now we are prompted (as CHARLIE) to authorize the transaction.

You will see their multisig call data with payload 0x060300306721211d5404bd9da88e0204360a1a9ab8b87c66c1bc2fcdd37f3c2222cc201b000000ed95c28f055a2a . This is call data which can be supplied to a final call to multi-approvals. It's what triggers chain logic to execute commands. You will then hit Sign and Submit.

It was broadcasted to the chain, you can see notification on the top right.

Referring to the image below, we can see the multisig approvals now pending next to our Team Funding account. On the **Team Funding **account click send.

You will now enter the same amount again (200,000) and choose the same 'send to address' (DAVE), to get same final call payload. Click Make Transfer when the necessary fields are filled correctly.

Now as BOB we can now authorize the transaction. The UI is smart enough, and detected the final approval necessary for enacting the on-chain transaction. Under toggle 'Multisig message' you will see same payload as we're creating multisig transaction. Hit Sign and Submit and it's should be signed 2 of 3 signatories which is enough for this scenario so can transaction can pass through to DAVE.

Woala, DAVE has tEDG funds secured on his account!


You've managed to learn how to make transaction for multi-signature. Multisignature accounts have a broad use case and you can leverage final call for your use case whenever relevant on-chain.