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Why Develop on Edgeware

Edgeware is Live!

Edgeware launched in February of 2020 as the first smart-contract chain with a live mainnet. The network has transitioned through three on-chain upgrades. You can deploy your contracts to Edgeware today!

Live Full EVM + WASM Contract runtime

Edgeware has deployed Full EVM compatibility layer and tooling support. On top of that you can deploy WASM Contracts written in ink!, AssemblyScript. Learn more on how to deploy EVM and WASM contracts on Edgeware.

Part of Polkadot Ecosystem

Edgeware plans to be parachain on Kusama and Polkadot, you can read recent draft proposal for Edgeware Parachain Bonding. When Edgeware becomes a parachain, it will be able to leverage DOTs, KSM, ACA, Stafi Derivatives within Edgeware DeFi projects, integrate with privacy layers and other oracle solultions.

Low Transactions Fees

Due to a different and better architecture compared to Ethereum, Edgeware has low transaction fees.

Ethereum EVM bridge

On-going efforts to migrate dApps from Ethereum network to Edgeware and have same dApp experience like on Ethereum. You can deploy your dApp on Edgeware today.

Large and Active Community

Over 1.2m ETH participated in our lockdrop, with funds, individuals, and projects participating. You'll be releasing your project to an active ecosystem. 8k active addresses with ~10 milion to receive EDG through partners. Edgeware has nowadays 100 daily active participants across voting, discussion and development and it's growing.

Funding & Incentives

  • $5M plus in funding available per year in grants, investments and more
  • Generally Edgeware has construction-projects for Treasury funding available for your idea, tooling or existing project. You can request amount up to $100k per project.
  • BuildDAO - aims to be an on-chain incubator. Apply with an idea, get $50k to seed your startup or protocol on Edgeware
  • Experimental Developer Mining - Earn usage based rewards of fees generate by your smart contract. Potentially 2% of fees generated by your smart contract.
  • Developer in Residence program - for individuals who want to leverage their skills and have ownership over their time and work. That's include producing tooling, product or protocol

Growing Ecosystem

Several venture-backed projects newly developed on Edgeware, a growing ecosystem of community participants and more.

Working Groups

At Commonwealth, you can find vibrant working groups that operates on top of Edgeware. You can find here categories like DeFi, Gaming, Social/DAOs and Tooling & Ecosystem. You can engage with focused community members through chats

Advanced Developer Features