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A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective. View the collectives page on the Edgeware website.

Chat & Discussion Channels​

Group NameLink
Commonwealth EdgewareForum, governance, longform.
EDG ElementTechnical, governance, serious.
General TelegramAnnouncements, support, general chat.
Validator TelegramValidation, announcements.
Edgeware Economics TGMarkets, trollbox, price.
Edgeware TΓΌ
Edgeware&WetezChinese lang. Contact WeChat ID kamiesheep for invite.

Edgeware Community Call (Monthly)​

Monthly on the third Wednesday at 2pm EST

Recurring Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 345 881 968

Announcing the Edgeware Community Call! Each month the core development team will be available to talk with validators, users, developers and all enthusiasts about the roadmap, ideas, and the space.

Google Event for the Monthly Call
View the Entire Edgeware Community Event Calendar onGoogle Apps

View the entire Community Calendar via any Web Browser

View the Calendar into other Apps using iCal/ ics


Commonwealth, Profiles, Discussion

Chat Rooms​

It is the wish of Commonwealth Lab that users have access to a variety of platforms - but that bridges or bots unify the content.

NameType and LinkTopicsRequires Email
GeneralTelegram GroupGeneral except market and price discussion.No
GovernanceTelegram GroupGovernanceNo
EconomicsTelegram GroupMarkets, price, trollbox.No
DevelopersTelegram GroupDevelopers, Builders, Tooling QuestionNo
Smart ContractsElementBuilders help around Smart Contracts in ink!No
GeneralElementGeneral except market and price discussion. Tech support.No
GeneralDiscord ChatGeneral, Validation, Tech SupportYes

Social Media and Announcements​

General Announcements TG

Working Groups​