Increasing Validator Count via Governance Action

  • Currently 60 to 85 proposed.

  • Promotes network security and decentralization.

Adding Registrars to Improve On-Chain ID verification of Important Figures, including Validators and Council

  • First Registrar Added March 17

Smart Contract Functionality

  • Dependent upon Development of Compilers and the Ink! Smart Contract Language

  • Native Ink! Utilizes Smart Contract Substrate Palette

  • Palette may also support Solidity Wasm.

Onboard the Ethereum Ecosystem, Dapps and Developers

  • Support for Ethereum Dapps and Solidity

  • Ethereum <> Edgeware/Polkadot Bridge (depending on Parachain status)

VM / Platform


Ethereum EVM

Substrate EVM (Solidity/EVM,) Solang (Solidity to Substrate Compiler),

Ethereum Bridge

Centrifuge Bridge, ChainX, ChainSafe ChainBridge

Ethereum EWasm

Second State Ewasm VM

Assess Opportunity on Polkadot

  • Polkadot expected to launch in 2020.

  • Will require that the community approve and plan to acquire DOTs for parachain slot auction.

Track and Assess Substrate Improvements for Upgrade