Smart Contracts

Introduction to the Edgeware Contracts Workshop

Edgeware is blockchain platform with support WASM Contracts Pallet and EVM Ethereum compatibility layer.

This is a self-guided tutorial which will teach you how to build both WASM and EVM-based smart contracts on Edgeware.

In the WASM tutorials, we will cover:

  1. Installing prerequisites on your computer

  2. Using the ink! CLI to start a new project

  3. Building and testing your contract

  4. Deploying your contract on a local Edgeware node

  5. Interacting with your contract using the Polkadot UI

  6. Creating a basic flipper contract

  7. Creating a simple incrementer contract

  8. Creating a more complex ERC20 contract

In the EVM tutorials, we will cover:

  1. Setting up an Edgeware node

  2. Setting up Metamask to work with Edgeware

  3. Using Remix as an Ethereum IDE to compile, deploy, and call a contract

  4. Using Truffle to deploy a contract to Edgeware

  5. Using Web3.js to interact with Edgeware contracts programmatically

We would love for you to give feedback in these early stages, so please feel free to open a PR or comment on Commonwealth!

How to participate in the Edgeware Developers Guild - builders community

We have links to all resources accessible from one point:

All our rooms are bridged so you can come in comfortable with your preferred chat platform.

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